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Nîmes culture

Even a crocodile can go astray. Chic, a crocodile coat of arms!

Nîmes culture     /     06 February 2018

It’s impossible to take a stroll through Nîmes without spotting a poor amphibian chained to a palm tree. But what could this crocodile have done to the people of Nîmes to deserve that? We tracked the beast as far as the bronze studs set in the paving stones of the old town.  And we came to understand why these crests were the pride of the city, just as much as the hôtel Maison Albar Hotel Nîmes Imperator. What about you? How do you rate on the scale? Answer these questions!

1/ What do the words COL NEM on the city of Nîmes’s coat of arms mean?
a- Call if you’d like a nem
b- Colonia Nemausa (Colony of Nîmes)

2/ From what victory did the city of Nîmes draw its crest?
a- The battle of Actium in 31 BC. Octavius (the future Augustus) defeated Anthony and Cleopatra’s fleet and ensured control of the Empire. The attached crocodile symbolizes conquered Egypt.
b- In the Battle of the Pyramids, of which Napoleon Bonaparte was the victor in 1798. He brought back a crocodile to his wife, who would live 15 years in Paris. This is the crocodile on the coat of the arms.

3/ Who redesigned Nîmes’s coat of arms in 1986?
a- Andrée Putman
b- Philippe Starck

4/ What king gave the city of Nîmes authorization to adopt the palm tree and crocodile as its crest?
a- François the 1st in 1535
b- Louis the 14th in 1678

5/ Before the adoption of the crocodile attached to a palm tree, what was the city of Nîmes’s crest?
a- A white rabbit on a pink background
b- A gold bull on a red background

6/ What is the origin of the principle of a coat of arms?
There are a lot of wars in Europe. A clan must be recognizable and visible from afar so as to avoid friendly fire (ha ha). Thus, one paints one’s symbols on:
a- A knight’s shield
b- A witch’s broom

7/ Which emperor does the Maison Albar Hotel Nîmes Imperator allude to in its name?
a- Charlemagne, the inventor of school
b- Octavius, the future Emperor Augustus.


Answers: 1b – 2a – 3b – 4a – 5b – 6a – 7b

Between 0 and 2 correct answers: At the opening of the hotel, it will be our pleasure to give you a guide to the city that you can skim next to the Maison Albar Hotel Nîmes Imperator’s pool. Scaling up your culture a bit wouldn’t hurt.
Between 3 and 5 correct answers: Bravo. Reptiles, heraldry, and history do not scare you. You will appreciate your stay at the Maison Albar Hotel Nîmes Imperator.
6 correct answers: Ave Cesar! Maison Albar Hotel Nîmes Imperator is waiting just for you.

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